About Us

Shree Rudra Animal Health Private Limited

Shree Rudra Animal Health is one of the India's leading animal health companies. The company is dedicated to the research and development, production and marketing of innovative, high quality animal health products and feed additives.

Shree Rudra Animal Health, through the careful and responsible application of science, delivers products to promote animal well-being and sustainable productivity.

Our products are recognised as offering security to both distributors and end users, through their consistently high quality.

Shree Rudra Animal Health Limited has emerged as India's largest company specialised in manufacturing of Finished Dosage Formulations (FDF).

Our logotype is inspired by nature and its different forms and shapes.The star in the logo represents love and passion towards caring of Animal health.

It speaks about our commitment to improving animal’s life and well-being at every stage.

Our focus on R&D is taking us even further, and we are committed to applying cutting-edge resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of animals’ lives.

All along our processes, we are committed to quality, but moreover, we are to safety. That is our guarantee for effective medicines. with activities primarily around developing new products, improving existing products and expanding product applications. We continue to develop and enhance our product portfolio on the back of our technology and research development expertise.


To be a leading integrated animal health company committed to quality veterinary solutions globally

Our vision is to be entirely service focused and provide Indian Farmers with the optimal solutions to all their animal health needs.


To deliver quality products competitively while adhering to high standard of quality, governance & compliance


  • *Adaptability
  • *Accountability
  • *Integrity
  • *Collaboration
  • *Continuous Improvement

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