September 9, 2021


Clinoptilolite – Zeolite

Natural zeolite – clinoptilolite is the perfect substance to get rid of the toxins,Ammonia (NH4), heavy metals Pb, Cu, Cd, Zn, Co, Cr, Mn and Fe; Pb, Cu as high as 97 %it improves the overall quality and health of the aqua system and provides the best conditions for the aquaculture. Zeolites have high cation exchange capacities. It is not effected by temperature or pH changes. The efficiency or ammonia removal is directly proportional with the purity and ion exchange capacity of the zeolite.

Biological filtration works with natural bacterial growth which mineralizes nitrogen components. Large surface area provided by zeolite is perfectly suitable for autotrophic bacterial colonies which converts ammonia to nitrite and then nitrite to nitrate by aerobic and anaerobic nitrification. Zeolite employed systems process nitrification at optimum levels.


  • Zeolite adsorbs toxic ammonia at very high rates, as high as 95%. It decreases the toxicity level of the water.
  • Provides wide space for nitrification cycle.
  • Provides optically and biologically clean water.
  • Removes gases and bad odors.
  • Decreases the amount of sea lice and parasite in total (especially tapeworm).


Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate.


10-15 Kg per acre for water treatment
1-5Kg per tonne of finished feed
Or Directed by your nutrionist.


Rota Mining is the leading natural Zeolite – Clinoptilolite mineral producer and exporter in Eurasia. It carries out its production under Fami-Qs quality control system since 2007. 100% natural and safe product; produced in accordance with the EU’s Feed Additive and Premixes directive and under the strict quality control system and surveillance of FamiQs.


25 Kg

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