April 28, 2021
immunis sr1


[Immunostimulant for shrimp]
Shrimp post larvae when stocked in ponds are exposed to varying environmental conditions that cause stress to animals. Stress due to biotic and abiotic factors make the animals weak and susceptible to diseases leading to reduced feed intake and growth. Mass mortality due to diseases cause huge economic loss to the farmers. Shrimp has poor immunity and hence its immunity has to be boosted at regular intervals. IMMUNIS-SR enhances the immunity of shrimps and makes them resistant against opportunistic and other pathogens.

Key benefits

  • IMMUNIS-SR boosts non-specific immunity
  • IMMUNIS-SR has 1,3 and 1,4 beta glucans that enhances the phagocytosis activity in shrimps
  • IMMUNIS-SR contains chelated vitamin C necessary for healthy hepatopancreas and boosts immunity of shrimps
  • IMMUNIS-SR reduces abiotic and biotic stresses and improves the immune system of the host and prevents Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS)
  • IMMUNIS-SR contains single cell protein and organic herbal extracts
  • IMMUNIS-SR contain natural fibre that acts as dietary supplement
  • IMMUNIS-SR contains beneficial bacteria that acidifies the gut and prevents the growth of pathogens in gut


Herbal extracts, Vitamins and Probiotics that acts as immunostimulants.


5-10g of IMMUNIS-SR/Kg of feed mixed with a binder of your choice dried briefly and applied throughout the pond, or as advised by Aquaculture specialist. For better results use IMMUNIS-SR from the early stages of culture and whenever the animal is under stress

Shelf Life & Storage:

Best before 18 Months from the date of manufacture. Do not freeze. Store in a cool-dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.


500 grams

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