April 22, 2021

Hydro-Soft EDTA

Hydro-Soft is a water treatment chemical for healthy pond for aquaculture, For protection and elimination of hazardous matters from heavy metals (iron) and can reduce poison of insecticide and others fish poison solution such as Green Force in pond water. HYDRO SOFT also promote good alkalinity in pond water which easily helps to promote plankton growth.

Key Benefits :

  • HYDRO SOFT is a chemical used to improve water quality by reducing heavy metal concentrations.
  • HYDRO SOFT to manage high alkalinity.
  • HYDRO SOFT efectively reduces hardshell problems in culture.
  • HYDRO SOFT stimulates healthy moulting in prawns and shrimps and improves their moulting cycles.
  • HYDRO SOFT softens the water in aquaculture ponds by normalizing the alkalinity and hardness.
  • HYDRO SOFT converts the toxic substances in the pond water into their non-toxic form and thereby provides a healthy environment.
  • HYDRO SOFT prevents & controls pollutions caused by unionised ammonia, iron, hydrogen Sulphide, methane and sulphurdioxide.


Di Sodium salt of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)


For Prawn & Shrimp : 500 gram to 1 Kg/acre
For Fish : 1 Kg / acre or as advised by aqua consultant


Mix HYDRO SOFT with pond water and spread evenly in pond, aerate vigorously.

Shelf life & Storage

24 months from the date of manufacture. Storage : Store in a cool dark place and protect from sunlight


1 Kg & 5 Kg

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