September 8, 2021


Natural appetite stimulant

Poor appetite decreases the feed intake and poor nutrient absorption decreases the average body weight of the cultured shrimps/fish. Improper feeding and poor nutrient assimilation leads to stunted growth of shrimp, increasing the production cost. PoZyMin is a growth and appetite stimulant for shrimp and fish that supports enhanced growth and yield.

Key Benefits

  • PoZyMin stimulates the appetite and helps maintain stable growth in shrimp and fish.
  • PoZyMin prevents running modality syndrome and early modality syndrome.
  • PoZyMin boosts the hepatopancreas, enhances the metabolism and improves nutrient absorption and growth

Active ingredients

PoZyMin contains Bacillus sp., (1 x million cfu/ml) polypeptides, trace minerals, anti-microbials and enzymes that increases feed intake, the rate of digestion and assimilation in shrimp and fish.

Dosage & Application :

20-25ml of PoZyMin/Kg of feed or as advised by your aquaculture specialist.
Mix the recommended quantity of PoZyMin to the feed along with a suitable binder of your choice, air dry for 10 minutes and broadcast the feed.

Shelf life & Storage :

12 months from the date of manufacture. Store in a cool, dry place.

Presentation :


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